Nica Hammocks have been trading in the most extensive range of Nicaraguan Hammocks and Hanging chairs available in Australia for the past four years. After  humble beginnings where our product range was limited to two styles of Hammocks and two styles of Hanging chairs, we have grown to now offering Six styles of Hammocks and three distinctly different styles of hanging chairs all handcrafted in Nicaragua.

You may well ask "why Nicaraguan" well simply they are the best. We at can give you the most informed information on the various sizes and capacities available in the Nicaraguan range .  Please be aware that competitors often describe their hammocks as something they are not ie: advertised as a king size hammock and yet only has 18 points which is 4 points SMALLER  than our PLAYA single spreader bar hammock.

Using soft hand spun thick cotton cords and a technique known as double spring weaving the Nicaraguan artisans produce the most comfortable and functional hammocks available to man, they finish this beautiful work with intricate crocheted fringes and tassels, they construct their spreader bar hammocks with a beautifully turned ,polished and varnished spreader bar and fit a crocheted covered wooden ball to prevent string entanglement  and fit the eyes with solid cast aluminium thimbles which never corrode or break. Quite simply Nicaraguans handcraft stunning pieces of hammock furniture using techniques passed down over 800 years.


We see Australian as a natural progression for our already established Nica Hammock products from Nicaraguan artisans who are themselves extremely proud of there heritage and skills.

Our aim is to be the specialists in Nicaraguan hammock craftsmanship. Nicaragua is one of the poorest countries on earth and whilst we are a business that ultimately must perform, we know that as we expand so will the people and families involved in Nicaragua.

To this extent we will endevour in every respect to give you our customer the very best service so that you can make informed decisions when purchasing any of our quality products.
All orders will be dispatched either the same day of purchase or the very next day, with delivery expected within 3 to 5 days.

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